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Welcome to Clove Hill! Our little school is located in a small cottage on a wooded property in Colleyville surrounded by nature. Our love for the outdoors is what my program shares with the children and families who come to Clove Hill.  I provide a media free space with a focus on creating a play-based learning environment. Children are encourage to explore their surroundings through all their senses.  Whether they are creating in the sandbox, experiencing quietude at the water table or listening to the birds and squirrels moving about above us. It is the unrushed play and child initiated learning that nourishes curiosity, creativity, imagination and creates a life long learner. I invite you to come and explore Clove Hill!
Clove Hill
The Joy of Creative Play
Happy Hearts and Happy faces,
Happy play in grassy places---
That is how, in ancient ages,
Children grew to be kings and sages.
-----Robert Louis Stevenson
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