Lots of Outdoor Play!
Clove Hill
The Joy of Creative Play
Happy Hearts and Happy faces,
Happy play in grassy places---
That is how, in ancient ages,
Children grew to be kings and sages.
-----Robert Louis Stevenson
Exploring our sea shell sensory box
Exploring our animals that swim sensory box
Havig an outdoor snack
Lets go for a walk!
Time for a bath Baby!
Hello Baby!
Blowing bubbles
Birthday celebration
walking in the garden
Creating and exploring in the sandpit
Pinwheels are fun to watch!
Helping chop strawberries for our yogurt parfait!
Outdoor magic show! Abracadabra!
I see you squirrel!
elephants in the water
strengthening fine motor skills!
blueberry snack YUM!
Homemade pops for the summertime!
Mrs Lisa with baby Connor
Some Indoor Time